HOT Mobile

HOT Mobile re-entered the Israeli cellular market in 2012, after a rebranding from their old Mirs name, offering low-cost plans.  They offer more of a range of metered and unlimited plans, some with international calling.  For the absolute lightest users, the “10 Agorot” plan offers a flat-rate of 10 agorot (0.10 shekel) for each consumption unit.  Light users can save some money by choosing the “+10″ plan for an effective “discount” on their first bit of usage, while moderate to heavy users will enjoy HOT Mobile’s low-cost unlimited use plans.  HOT Mobile currently offer select cellular phones for purchase.  A cellular device must be 3G-compatible to work on this network.  They utilize a roaming agreement with Pelephone, which allows their users to roam free of charge on Pelephone’s mobile network, as they build their own, independent, cellular network.

HOT Mobile broadcasts on 3G 2100 MHz, and in areas where they don’t have their own towers, they roam on Pelephone’s and 3G 850/2100 MHz HSDPA.  Read more about what this means here.  You will not be able to use a 2G device with them.

Customer support is available by dialing *053, 053-5003000, and via other options listed on their support website.

Until January 10, 2013: Switch to HOT Mobile and pay only 49 shekel per month for six months for their 99 shekel unlimited plan.  Details here.  Your SIM card must be activated by January 10, 2013 to benefit from this discount!

Plan NamePriceMinutes (cost per additional)SMS (cost per additional)Data (cost per additional MB)International calling destinationsOther ServicesNotesLink
99 Shekel Unlimited + International99Unlimited (N/A)Unlimited (N/A)Unlimited (throttled  after 3GB)See below.HOT Mobile 99 Shekel Unlimited + International
89 Shekel Unlimited89Unlimited (N/A)Unlimited (N/A)Unlimited (throttled after 3 GB)Not included.Switch to HOT Mobile, pay only 49 shekel per month for six months.HOT Mobile 89 Shekel Unlimited
10 Agorot00 (0.10)0 (0.10)0 (0.10)Not included.HOT Mobile 10 Agorot
+101050 (0.10)50 (0.10)10 MB (0.10)See below.Includes 10 minutes of calling to 30 selected destinations.HOT Mobile +10

HOT Mobile International Destinations (landline)

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, Vatican City

HOT Mobile International Destinations (cell)

Canada, USA

Last checked: January 2013