Orange is the youngest of the veteran telecommunications companies, having launched in 1999. It is possible to purchase a device (phone, modem, laptop with cellular internet) through them, such that the charges for these devices and service all arrive on a single monthly bill.  In addition to the services listed here, Orange offers home phone and internet, student and senior citizen plans, pay-as-you-go services via their Big Talk brand, and international roaming services.

Orange broadcasts on 2G 1800 MHZ, and 3G 900, 2100 MHz.  Read more about what this means here.

Customer support is available by dialing *054, and via other options listed on their support website.

Plan NamePriceIsrael Minutes (overage)Israel SMS (overage)Data (overage)International CallingNotesProvider Link
500 MB69300 (0.29)300 (0.29)500 MBNoneNoneOrange
Unlimited 1 GB109UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB500 minutes to select countries. Overage for 49 Ag' per minute.After one year, the price goes up 20 NIS.Orange
Unlimited 3 GB119UnlimitedUnlimited3 GBNoneAfter one year, the price goes up 16 NIS.Orange
Last checked: May 2014