Metered Plans

With the entrance of low-cost unlimited providers in the summer of 2012, the landscape of the traditional metered plan also changed.  Now, providers compete in this space by providing low costs by usage for light cell phone users.  If you’re not a light user, you may get a better rate with one of the unlimited plans.

The metered plans are:

ProviderPlan NamePriceIsrael Minutes (overage)Israel SMS (overage)Data (overage)International CallingNotesProvider Link
012 Mobile9.90 Basic9.960 (0.09)60 (0.09)100 MB (none - throttling)25 Ag per minutes to 42 countries.Expanded data plan rates: 1 GB for 19 NIS, 2 GB for 29 NIS, or 3 GB for 39 NIS.012 Mobile
Golan Telecom9.999.9960 (0.18)Unlimited10 MB (0.09)Included in the 60 minutes to 55 countries.MMS are 2 agorot per message.Golan Telecom
HOT Mobile101050 (0.10)50 (0.10)10 MB (0.10)10 minutes to 31 destinations.NoneHOT Mobile
HOT MobileDon't talk, don't pay00 (0.13)0 (0.13)0 (0.13)NoneNoneHOT Mobile
Orange500 MB69300 (0.29)300 (0.29)500 MBNoneNoneOrange
YouPhoneSimple Plan8.930 (0.25)60 (0.20)60 MB (0.25)NoneBenefits for "You" card holders.YouPhone
PelephonePelephone Light19.9100 (0.18)200 (0.12)50 MB (0.121)NoneNonePelephone
Last checked: May 2014