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It's pretty easy to sign up for cell phone service in Israel. What's difficult for English speakers in Israel is getting accurate information about the many Israeli cell phone plans, in English. That's where this site comes in. The goal here is to provide up-to-date information about the various cell phone plans from the various cell phone providers in this country. Using the navigation menu above, you can view this information by plan type and by provider. The "Stay Informed!" section keeps you updated on the latest news about Israel cell phone providers and plans. It also informs you when features and information are added and updated on this website. Ready to start?

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Heard about a specific provider and want more information about their offerings? In this section, view individual providers' package pricing, features, and other important information.

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Israeli Cell Plans

Looking for specific features in your cell plan? That's what this section is for! Find the plan which matches your specific minute, SMS, internet surfing, and international calling requirements.

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Keep up with the latest developments in the Israeli cell provider world, in English! Find out when changes are coming, and see how they will affect you as a customer.

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