012 Mobile

012 Mobile is a virtual network which offers a handful of unlimited plans with varying features and varying levels of international calling.  As a virtual network, they serve their users via Orange’s cellular infrastructure, so where there is Orange coverage, 012 Mobile subscribers should have coverage as well.  It is worthwhile to note that 012 Mobile and Orange are owned and operated by the same parent company, Partner Communications.

Likewise, 012 Mobile should support the same broadcast frequencies as Orange: 2G 1800 MHZ, 3G 900, 2100 MHz, and 4G 1800, 2600 MHz.  Read more about what this means here.

Customer support is available by dialing 1-800-055-888, and via other options listed on their support website.

Plan NamePriceIsrael Minutes (overage)Israel SMS (overage)Data (overage)International CallingNotesProvider Link
9.90 Basic9.960 (0.09)60 (0.09)100 MB (none - throttling)25 Ag per minutes to 42 countries.Expanded data plan rates: 1 GB for 19 NIS, 2 GB for 29 NIS, or 3 GB for 39 NIS.012 Mobile
39 Unlimited39UnlimitedUnlimited2 GB (none - throttling)NoneAfter one year, the price becomes 90 NIS.012 Mobile
49 Unlimited49UnlimitedUnlimited3 GB (none - throttling)500 minutes to 42 countries.After one year, the price becomes 92 NIS.012 Mobile
29 Unlimited29UnlimitedUnlimited2 GB (none - throttling)NoneRequires at least one additional line on the 39/49 NIS plans. After one year, the price becomes 90 NIS.012 Mobile

Last checked: October 2014