Golan Telecom Offering Additional Lines For 17/25 NIS Per Month

In a limited promotion, Golan Telecom is letting new and existing customers add additional lines of service for only 17 or 25 NIS per month, according to the service plans of the new/existing lines.  Those on the “Sale” plan, at 35 NIS per month, qualify for additional lines at 17 NIS per month, while those on the traditional “Golan Telecom” plan can receive additional lines for 25 NIS per month.

This pricing is in effect until December of this year.  During December, the additional lines will automatically be converted to the standard-rate “Golan Telecom” plan, at 99 NIS per month.

The new lines must be ordered by 12:00 on June 8, and activated by 12:00 on June 15.

For more details, see Golan Telecom’s announcement (for English, select the language in the top left menu).

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