Join YouPhone – Pay 39 Shekel Per Month for Four Months

The discount competition continues!  This time, YouPhone has opted to discount its highest-tier plan – unlimited calls/text + 1 GB of data, normally 79 shekel per month – to 39 shekel for each of the first four months.  The option to add an addition 2 GB of data for 10 shekel extra (per month) remains, so they are also offering unlimited calls/text + 3 GB of data for 49 shekel for each of the first four months.

It is interesting to note that this offer appears to be available to everyone, not just people who are switching to YouPhone (like competing sales).  Additionally, the general YouPhone club member discounts appear to be suspended for the duration of the discount.  For those concerned, these plans do not include international calling, so for some they are not a direct competitor to the carriers which do offer that feature.

You can see the details of this offer, in Hebrew, here.

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