Hello, and welcome to the launch of the Israel Cell Compare website!

I started this website to help the English-speaking community in Israel find basic information about the many cell phone plans available.  This mostly came about as a need – I was (and continue to be) surprised by the lack of cell plan information available in English here, and have even witnessed some of the cellular operators which do post information in English, posting incomplete information.  In response to this apparent gaping hole, I scrubbed the operators’ websites for information about their plans, translated it, and posted it here.  I hope to keep this information relatively up to date, and have made this easy to verify by indicating when a particular page was last checked at the page’s bottom.

I am launching this site with information on the five “full” networks in Israel – the veterans, Cellcom, Orange, and Pelephone; along with the leaders of the Summer 2012 “Cell Phone Revolution”, Golan Telecom and HOT Mobile.  It is my hope to add the smaller, “virtual”, networks, like those available at certain supermarkets and otherwise, as time goes on.  As a likely incomplete list, that would include 012 Mobile, Rami Levy Telecommunications, and YouPhone.

I acknowledge that the information posted on this site is incomplete (in part because of the lack of the carriers listed above, but more importantly because this is an independent website without any inside knowledge of the various cell carriers in Israel), and I encourage every visitor to confirm that the information here is correct, and be sure to use this website as an additional resource when making your decision – not the only resource.  That said, I hope that the information provided here can help save everyone some money, and find the right provider for them.

I ask you to please share this website with your friends, coworkers, classmates, and anyone else who might find it’s useful!  Additionally, if you did find this site helpful, you can donate some of that money you’ll be saving to me via PayPal by clicking here.

I hope that you enjoy this site!

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