012 Mobile Adds 9 Shekel Plan – Answers iPad/Tablet Owners?

Orange’s low-cost brand 012 Mobile has added a new package to its arsenal – its first metered plan – priced at 9 shekel per month, with a modest amount of usage included. The overage fees are mild, comparatively, and this is clearly an answer to Golan Telecom and HOT Mobile’s low-cost plans. They even include low-cost international calling!

Another interesting bit of this plan is the ability to purchase data, in 1 GB increments, at a low cost. This could provide a lower-cost solution for iPad/tablet owners to add relatively higher data amounts to their devices, as even the maximum 3 GB monthly would only cost the base 9 shekel plus 39 shekel for the data addition.

See the details on our 012 Mobile information page, or on their website here.

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